How to activate the 3rd eye?

Many astrology enthusiasts would like to know about the opening and the closing of the third eye or the ‘Eye of Lord Shiva’ or ‘The Eye of Horus’. They might also meditate differently. It is said that the sixth chakra is often referred to as ‘The Third Eye’. It is also said that the interconnection between the pituitary gland of the Sixth chakra along with the pineal gland of the Seventh Chakra must join together to activate the Third Eye. The opening of the Third Eye helps a person to develop his own vision and then through his vision he foresees several things. Also, a person whose Third Eye has opened can have the vision of our Primeval Lords. Sitting in ‘Shiva Yoga’ one can meditate and his third eye gets opened in this manner. With the opening of the Third Eye, the entire body gets awakened and there is an instant connection with the powers of nature. Many people might have heard about the power of the rising ‘kundalini Sarpini’. Of course, all might have known about the powerful subconscious, however, increasing the levels of your consciousness matter a lot. Bangali Tantrik Pandit Adinath Ji is of course has an open mind and he can see the mystic/occult world as and when likes to. If you want to experience the same, visit him as soon as possible!